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Fish cookery

A lot of cooks worry about cooking fish and feel that they don't get the best out of it.  This course will teach you all of the secrets to preparing great fish dishes.  You will learn all of the key skills and techniques including gutting, filleting, pin boning, skinning, frying, grilling, and baking.  We are also keen advocates of sustainable fishing and discuss many aspects of fish sourcing.  We are keen supporters of the Marine Conservation Society and our recipes are published on their website.

The species of fish and shellfish handled during the course will vary by season but will typically include bass or bream, flat fish, mussels, mackerel and one or two more unusual species. You will also get to try all of the fish during the day, including the preparation of your own fishy lunch.

One day course (10am - 5pm) including lunch

Price - £125 per person

Please refer to our course calendar for dates, availability and to book


Typical day structure:

Sourcing fish sustainably and seasonally - discussion

Recognising fresh fish

Preparing raw fish – gutting, filleting, portioning etc


Cooking methods - frying, grilling, baking

Prepare lunch using fish from the morning


Sauces and dressings - make different styles and pair with fish


Other seafood - prepare and cook shellfish, squid etc.

Fish cookery course