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Bread Making

There are few things as satisfying as creating a beautiful, crisp and individual loaf of bread. So whether you have tried before and been disappointed with the results or are starting from scratch, this is the bread making course for you.

During a packed day you will explore the influences of different flours, yeasts and techniques, understand a bit of the chemistry, physics and biology (don’t worry, it isn’t as bad as it sounds!) and create a variety of different breads yourself.

We start the day making sourdough loaves, including how to make and look after your own starter, then move on to fruit loaves, focaccia, brioche, pittas and naans.  As we go along we will look at the effects of the subtle difference between the recipes, how the doughs are handled and shaped, proved and finally baked.

You will make all of your own doughs, with only the starters prepared in advance.  The emphasis is on you developing a feel for breadmaking that you can apply at home - not on watching somebody else do it.  You will leave with a folder of notes and recipes and a big bag of your own handmade bread.

One day course (10am - 5pm) including lunch

Price - £125 per person

Please refer to our course calendar for dates, availability and to book


Typical day structure:

Discussion about bread history and ingredients

Make sourdough and learn kneading technique

Make fruit loaf


Make brioche dough

Make focaccia dough

Make pittas for lunch


Loaf shaping

Bake fruit loaves

Break - Tea and fruit loaf

Bake sourdoughs

Bake brioche

Finish and bake focaccia

Pack up your loaves to take home

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